Add custom fields to employee profiles

On top of the default fields you can add as many custom fields you want.

Add additional fields in the employees' profile sections

Go to Settings > Employee fields and add a new field to your preferred section. We offer the following types of fields:





Use the type boolean for fields, where you only expect the answer to be yes or no. You will get a checkbox in the employee profile, which you can click. You can use this for example to mark all employees, who take part in your work gym group.



To ensure, that your dates are displayed correctly for different location preferences (e.g. American vs. German), you can use the type date. All dates entered here will switch automatically to the expected format your employees choose as their personal 'region'.



If you want to save an additional email address for later use for reminders or the like, use the type email.



If you want to make sure, that only certain values can be entered into a field, go for a list. Here you can enter all allowed list items, which you can choose one from later. Use this type for example for the highest education someone has or which level of a foreign language.



The type number only accepts whole numbers (no decimals like 1,5). You can use them for anything, that you want to count, like for example how many children your employee has.



In a field of the type text, you can enter any kind of text. This can be letters, numbers or special characters. So this type will fit most of your needs, like phone numbers, usernames or IDs.



If you want to have the space to enter a very long text, text areas are your friends. Here you can enter up to 1000 characters. You can use them for example to store some notes.

Variable pay types

Add as many variable pay types as needed by clicking the [+] button.