Import employees data

The first step to set up your account is adding your employees' data.

Download excel template

You can find the template in your OrgOS account > Smart docs > My docs. Please download it and have look at the different columns. We marked all required fields, so please make sure, that you fill out at least all of them.

How to fill out the excel template

'Employees' sheet - Mandatory columns only



Work email

The employee's work email. This email will be used to send out the invitation email and has to be used for login to OrgOS.


The company's name exactly as you put it in your OrgOS account at Settings > Companies.

Reports to (email)

Insert here the work email of the employee's direct supervisor. As we use the email as a unique identifier, don't use names, but emails.

Weekly hours

Put here the number of hours each employee works per week. This will be also the amount of expected hours in the attendance tracking feature.

Work on Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Select 'Yes' or 'No' in the dropdown per day. This will create the work schedule of this employee and has an impact on the calculation of vacation days and tracked hours in the attendance feature. 

Track attendance 

Select the 'Yes' option in the dropdown, if you want your employees to track their hours. 

For more insights, please check this article in our Help Center: Tracking your attendance.


Select 'Yes' if you want to have your employees active in OrgOS. This means they won't receive a "Welcome message to OrgOS", which you can set up in Settings > Welcome wizard. They will get a "Reset your password" message instead. Select the 'No' option in the dropdown if you want to have them inactive until you prepared the account in total.

For more insights, please check this article in our Help Center: Welcome wizard.


Select which standard profile will be assigned to the employee in OrgOS. There are 6 standard profiles: Admin, HR-admin, Recruiter, Finance-admin, Manager, and Employee. 

For more insights, please check this article in our Help Center: Profiles and permissions.


Select the language for the OrgOS account of every employee, so they can start using the app in their preferred language. At the moment there are three languages available: German, English or Spanish.


Choose the format and language for the dates and times. Depending on your preference the days of the week, months and dates are displayed based on german, austrian, UK, US or spanish style.


Other tabs in the import file

Please check this article on how to fill in data using the other tabs:

Import the employment types, salaries and variable pays of your employees

Upload template

As soon as you are ready, you can upload the file. Therefore, please log in to OrgOS, click on Smart docs and upload the template in "My docs". Then just let us know and we will do the rest! We will check the data for the correct format and also do the import for you.