Add Job openings + Candidates

Add job openings

Now you can start to add your open positions. Therefore please go to the Recruiting and click on add new job opening (+ button).

add job openings 1

Here you can enter all the details. The fields Job title, Department, Office and Job opening type will be shown on your career site, if you activate this job opening:

add job openings 2

Depending on the Hiring stages you select, you will get your pipeline, where you can move your candidates from one stage to another. The applied scorecard can be used for all candidates in this job opening.

Application form

After that, you select all neccessary fields for the application form. Set them as required, optional or disabled. This can be done individually per job opening.

Hiring team

To involve your colleagues to the recruiting process, you can add them to the hiring team. Therefore you can choose between two options:

Hiring managers get full control on the job opening and the containing candidates. This is mostly the appropriate role for the Recruiter or HR Manager.

Hiring team members are only allowed to see and score the candidate.



The created job opening will be set to the status draft per default. As soon as you are ready, you can change the status to active. Only job openings which are set to active will appear on your career site. If you want to change any details, you need to set the job opening back to draft.


Add candidates

You can add your existing candidates to OrgOS, with a click on Recruiting > Candidates > Add new candidate (+ Button) and enter all the data.


If you got the applications via email, you can simply forward them to the app. At Settings > Recruiting > General you can find the Email to candidate. Emails sent to this address will create a new candidate automaticly in the app including the attachments.