Keep track of your worked hours

No matter if you are a working student paid by the hour or a permanent employee, with OrgOS you can have an easy overview of the hours you actually worked.


Enable attendance tracking

This feature can be enabled individually per employee. Therefore please go to People >Select employee > Personal > Enable attendance tracking.



Once enabled, in the top menu you can see an additional tab called Attendance, where the expected and tracked hours, as well as the overtime are shown.


Calculation of expected hours

The expected hours are based on your work schedule and your weekly hours. The weekly hours are distributed equally on each working day per week and then multiplied by the working days in each month. For example, an employee with 24 weekly hours and a work schedule consisting of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, is expected to work 8 hours on each of the 3 days. In February this results in 96 expected hours; 3 x 8 x 4 = 96.


Submit attendance periods

Enter start and end time of your working day, as well as any break. For a longer break, you could simply use 2 or more time slots per day via the +icon. Also, you can add a comment per time slot. Please don't forget to save your data when everything is in place.




Hourly paid employees

To get the correct monthly salary for your hourly paid employees, our payroll combines the tracked hours per month with the entered hourly salary. As long as the current month is not closed, you will see a forecast based on the expected hours.


Export your time sheet

If you need to get an exported time sheet, you can simply click on [...] > Export and all your data will be downloaded as a docx-file, which you can confirm with your signature.