Candidates - daily business

Now everything is ready and we can start our daily work. So that's what you could do:

Add information and attachments

If you are a hiring team member or admin, you can simply click on the name of the candidate and start adding data and documents. Everything you type will be saved automatically.

Write emails

candidates 1

You will find an overview of all incoming and outgoing emails for each applicant in the emails tab. To send a new email, simply click on compose email. Here you can select an existing template with appropriate placeholders or freely formulate the text. If the email is not to be sent immediately, you can schedule it for a later date and time. 


Add comments

Use comments to add quickly thoughts on the candidate or additional information like the next step. You can post them visible to the whole hiring team or in private mode. Private comments are only visible for you, even admins can not see them. To notify a colleague use '@...', for example @Katja Wallwitz. Your colleague then receives a notification and is immediately up to date.

candidates 2

Score candidates

candidates 3

To score a candidate based on the assigned scorecard, you can click on the button score. You will see all sections and skills and can start to rate. Therefore you'll have 5 different smileys, which express your impression. Using the notes for each skill allows you to enter even more details. Based on the selected rating, OrgOS will calculate the potential of this candidate for this specific skill.

Every scorecard comes with a field for your overall thoughts at the bottom. There you can also select your personal overall recommendation. This is the base for the score, you can see immediately if you open a candidates profile.

candidates 4

Move or assign to other job openings

The move button is your shortcut for switching the current stage of this candidate. The other way is to use the kanban board. There you can easily move the candidate via drag and drop. The last option for moving a candidate is to use the quick review. With a click on review you can see all relevant information at a glance. You are able to check the documents and reject or advance this candidate with one click.

In case the candidate could be also a good fit for another position, you can assign the candidate to another position with just one click on the link 'Assign to job opening'.

Make a final decision

Convert to employee

You found the perfect match for a position, congratulation! That means, that you'll need to convert this candidate to an employee. Therefore go to the candidates profile, click on [...] and select convert candidate to employee. This leads you to a form, where you can complete the employees profile. All attachments will be transferred automatically to the employees document section.


Unfortunately most candidates won't match the expections, so you need to reject them. This can be done with a click on the reject button.

Remove from job opening

Only candidates, which were rejected, can be removed from a job opening. So first make sure, that the candidate was rejected. This is simple to see, as there is a red information right at the top of the profile. Then click on [...] and select remove candidate from this job opening. If this candidate has applied to more than one position, the other applications are not affected of this action.


If a candidate doesn't fit at all to your company, you can delete the related data. This can be done on the candidate overview. To get there click on Recruiting > Candidates > [...] > Delete. This deletes all information related to this candidate including the attachments.