Career site builder

To style your own career site, please go to Settings > Recruiting > Career builder. We prepared a bunch of different components you can use to design a unique career site.

career site builder 1

Career builder components


With a click on that, your logo, aligned to the left, will be inserted. You can adjust the paddings and the background color.


The footer includes links to your website and blog, if you filled them in at Settings > Recruiting > Company links.

Active positions

This component provides a list of all job openings with the status 'active' on your career site.


The hero allows you to upload an image. At the bottom, there will be a grey layer, where you can enter a headline (bigger fontsize) and a subheadline (smaller fontsize). An example for that, you can see on the picture above.


Use text, if you want to add some text to your career site. With a double click on the text you wrote, you can style it:

career site builder 2


Image allows you to upload one image, which will be streched to fullsize width.

Image gallery

If you want to upload more than one picture in one row, use image gallery. There you can upload several pictures, which are shown next to each other, streched to fullsize width.


Team provides the possiblity to upload photos of team members. They will be shown in a circle and can include the name and the title of the persons. To Add this information simply click beneath the picture and enter the text.

You tube video

To include a YouTube video just click on this component, enter the url and you are ready!

Custom HTML

If you want to style your page even more, you can use the custom HTML. You will get an editor, where you can enter the code. Please note, that you can not use Javascript in there.

General settings

career site builder 3

Every component has the same settings on the left side:

Change the order

If you want to move your component up or down, please use the arrows.

Add padding and color

The settings icon brings you to a page, where you can adjust the paddings for top, bottom, right and left. There you can also change the color and background-color.


With a click on the trash sign, you can delete the whole component.