General settings - Recruiting

Your implementation of the recruiting starts with some general settings.

General settings

To get there, please click on Settings > Overview > Recruiting Settings > General. 


Here you can activate your own career site. You can also choose your own subdomain to get a more customized URL.

Depending on the default language, the apply button and some links appear in German or English.

If you want to forward incoming applications from your personal email inbox, you can use the 'Email to candidate'. Emails sent to this address create a new candidate in including the attachments.

In the section 'Career site info' you can add information to improve your brand an SEO. The company description will be used, if you post the link to your career site for example on linkedin or slack.



At Appearance you can customize the design of the job openings on your career site. You can upload a company logo as well as a corresponding favicon. 

Also you can upload a hero image, which will be shown in every job opening. If you don't want to use an image, you can select a hero background color instead.

The selected brand color will be applied to all buttons and links on the career site.

Company links

If you enter the URLs for your company website and blog, they can be used in the footer.