Hiring stages + Scorecards

So ask yourself: What stages does a candidate need to pass until they become our new employee?

Add all these at Settings > Recruiting settings > Hiring stages. Each job opening can have its own hiring stages, if the process is individual for each position.


Hiring stages

Hiring stages are used to define your unique recruiting phases for each job opening. 


Hiring pipelines

Here you can define the profile of the work position and the phases that correspond to it, for example if the position is for a group leader, or a project manager or if it is for a trainee, and so on.



Use scorecards to prevent subjective decisions just based on a personal impression.

hiring stages 2

You can add one scorecard to each job opening. To configure a new scorecard please go to Settings > Recruiting > Scorecards > Add scorecard. Here you can add as many sections and skills as you want to rate.