Spread your job openings by using the multiposting. OrgOS offers you more than 270 different job boards in 18 countries.


Before you can start to promote all your open positions, you need to fill in some billing relevant data. Therefore please go to Settings > Companies and enter the missing data.

Now you can go back to the Recruiting and select the job opening you want to post on external job boards. With a click on the job opening > promote you can see all available job boards. To find the perfect one, you can use filter for the country, industry, maximum price and/or minimum days.

If you are going to post on more than one job board, it is very likely, that the over all price is reduced as we offer bundle prices.

To make sure your promoted job openings match your brand, you can upload your own custom HTML template at Settings > Recruiting > HTML Template. This template will be used to style your promoted job opening (if the selected job board supports this functionality).


As the posting will be provided by a partner of us, you will get the invoice directly from Jobadpartner. But of course you can also contact us, if you have any questions.