Profiles and Permissions

OrgOS security model is made up of two main components: profiles and roles. These concepts are essential to understand how OrgOS controls access to data.


Profiles determine what objects (e.g. Employee, Document, Time off request, etc.) a user can see. There are 6 different predefined profiles you can use to manage the access rights of your employees. 

By default, all users are assigned to the profile 'Employee'. If someone needs more access rights, you can assign additional profiles to your employees. To do that, go to Settings > Profiles & permissions and add as many employees to the profiles as you need. 


OrgOS automatically generates a role hierarchy based on the field  "Reports to", mirroring the organizational structure of the company. That way, the access of supervisors is limited to the employees which are directly below them in the role hierarchy. As an example, a user with the profile 'Manager' can access Employee records but can't see all employee records, only those immediately below them in the role hierarchy.



- Full access to all features and settings.



-Full access to the People section (Employee's data, Orgchart and Payroll).

-Full access to the Smart docs section (Employees docs, Templates, Import).

-Full access to the Time off section (Company time offs, Requests).

-Full access to Pulse.

-Full access to the Reports.

-Access to all HR Settings.

-No access to the Recruiting feature.



-Full access to Recruiting

-Access to Recruiting Settings, Workflows and Email templates.

-No access to the HR features.


Finance Admin

-Access to the People section (Payroll).

-Access to the Personal and Compensation tabs of all employees. 

-Access to Settings > Payroll.



-Access to the Work schedule of their subordinates.

-Access to the Project time tracker of their subordinates.



-Access to their own data, attendance, compensation, payroll.

-Access to their own time off.

-Access to their own documents.

Access to Recruiting (Only if they are invited as a Hiring Manager or Hiring team member).

Custom profile

In case none of the standard profiles match your needs, you can create a custom profile and define the access rights for it. Please check this other article to get more insights: Custom profile.

Assign employees to profiles

Go to the "Members" tab and type the employee's name in the "Find users...". Employees can be assigned only to one profile.