Project time tracker - admin view

For companies who need a time tracker for their projects


Go to Settings >  Project time tracker > click the slider. If you need to add custom fields for your project, go to Settings > Project time tracker > Settings and create a new custom field using the (+) button. 

Creating a project

Go to the Project time tracker > Projects, and add a new project using the (+) button. Choose the type - Time and Materials, Turnkey or Others and start defining the details. Set the project title, status, start date, due date, and its description. Then select company, department, office, and add the budget and the estimated hours. Assign employees to the project and add their roles and their cost per hour.



Editing and deleting projects

If there is a change necessary, click on [...] > Edit the project. To delete it permanently click on [...] > Delete.

Projects list

Afterwards, you will see the projects list that includes team members, department, due date, its progress bar, and the worked hours entered. Using the filters you can save views.



Adding time entries


Enter your hours worked on a project day by day. Only projects where status’ are set to active are available to put your hours. The employees in the 'admin', 'hr-admin' and 'manager' profile can see the whole projects list. Other profiles only see the projects where they have been assigned to. Through the arrows on top, you can see the tracked hours entered in previous or following weeks.

Total at the right: Total of tracked hours entered per week.

Total at the bottom: Total of tracked hours entered per day.

Click on 'Export' to generate an excel file with this data.

Summary tab

Use this tab to check the tracked hours entered for a project and also its progress. You can see the list by project or by employee and change the view from weekly to monthly. Using the filters you can filter the data displayed by project type, status, department.




For more insights use the project reports in your reports section.