Tags + Candidate fields

To customize your candidate profiles and the application form for your job openings, you will need candidate fields and attachment tags.

Candidate fields

All the information about a candidate you want to collect, can be stored in candidate fields. These fields can be also used for the application form on your career site. Depending on the use case, you can select between two different kinds of custom fields:

Candidate fields vs. candidate in specific job opening fields

A custom candidate field simply stores the information you enter. If you have a candidate, who applies to two or more of your job openings, you might want to store different information based on the job opening. In this case candidate in specific job opening fields are your friends. They allow you to enter different information into a field for the same candidate. If you switch the job opening you will see other informations than before in the candidate profile.

Both you can add with a click on Settings > Recruiting > Candidate fields > Add custom fields for candidate (in specific job opening).



We offer the following types of fields:

Boolean: Use the type boolean for fields, where you only expect the answer to be yes or no. You will get a checkbox in the candidate profile or application form, which you can click.


Date: To ensure, that your dates are displayed correctly for different location preferences (e.g. american vs. german), you can use the type date.


Email: If you want to enter email-adresses, select the type Email.


List: If you want to make sure, that only certain values can be entered to a field, go for a list. Here you can enter all allowed list items, which you can choose one from later.


Number: The type number only accepts whole numbers (no decimals like 1,5). You can use them for anything, that you want to count.


Text: In a field of the type text you can enter any kind of text. This can be letters, numbers or special characters. So this type will fit to most of your needs.

________________________________________________________________________TextArea: If you want to have the space to enter a very long text, textareas are your friends. Here you can enter up to 1000 characters.


There are several kind of tags you can add to simplify your daily work.

Job opening tags

Add a new job opening tag with a click on Settings > Recruiting > Job opening tags > Add tag. Enter a name and select a color and it is ready to use. They can help you to organize your job openings.


Candidate tags

Use candidate tags to highlight special skills or information of a candidate. To add them please go to Settings > Recruiting > Candidate tags.


Attachment tags

Most important are attachment tags, as they can be also used for the application form on your career site. There are two different types of attachment tags: For candidate or for candidate in specific job opening. Same as for candidate fields, you can store different attachments per job opening for the same candidate, if you use the attachment tag for candidate in specific job opening.