Upload Documents and Templates

Finally, all documents in one place - you just need to activate Smart docs. Therefore, go to Settings > Overview > Smart docs and click on Activate.

After that, you will see a new icon in your navigation bar on the left and can access Smart docs any time

Employee docs

If you want to upload new documents for a specific employee go to Smart docs > Employee docs and click on the name of the employee. You can upload a document which can be either visible or hidden, you decide.

employee docs 1


Use tags to find a specific document even quicker. Each document can be marked with any number of tags, after which you can filter at any time.. With a click on Home > Smart docs > Preferences, you can add your own tags for documents. Just enter a name and select a color and they are ready to use.

Request read receipt

In case you want to make sure that your employees read and acknowledged the document you uploaded for them, you can ask for a read receipt. This you can request with a click on that specific document > Request read receipt. When the employee confirms they have read and understood the content of the document, OrgOS will capture the date and time. This information can be later used when needed.

employee docs 2

Company docs

All documents, which should be accessible for everyone in your company, like handbooks and guidelines, you can upload in the company docs tab. Documents stored there are available to everyone in the company, including new hires. Therefore, just go to Smart docs > Company docs > Upload document (+ Button) and select a document.


For all documents which are mostly the same, only name, address and so on differ, you can use templates. You just mark the individual fields as placeholders and OrgOS fills in the data, using the information that's already in OrgOS. 

To mark a field in your template as a placeholder, put the word inside of curly breaks, for example a placeholder for first name could look like this {first name} or {firstname}. It doesn't matter what you write inside the curly breaks, you just need to be able to identify which exact value you want to appear in that field. 

Once you mark all necessary fields as placeholders, you can upload the template with a click on Smart docs > Templates > Upload template (+ Button). You will then be asked to select the field that should be matched to each placeholder. With that, OrgOS can use the data you entered in your employee fields.

Creating a document from a template

If you want to create a document for your employee from a template, please go to Smart docs > Templates > Click on template > Create document. Select an assignee and you will see a preview of the placeholders. With a click on create document, the new document will be stored in the document section of the selected employee.